About ertemis
The European Research and Transfer Network for Environmental Management Information Systems (ertemis) is a network of researchers in the field of Environmental Management Information Systems (EMIS). In recent years, the topic of Environmental Management Information Systems (EMIS) has received increasing research attention and became an increasingly popular research area. Today, companies are facing new challenges: they have to address the problem of rapid climate changes, deal with the growing public interest in ecology (e.g. Green IT, Green Logistics), and ensure environmental sustainability and energy efficency. Immense pressure is also exerted by environmental legislation (e.g. EU law) as well as by the mass media and society as a whole.

EMIS enable companies to comply with environmental regulations (compliance driven EMIS) or to analyze business activities and material flows in production and logistics with regard to their environmental sustainability (eco-efficiency oriented EMIS). Furthermore, EMIS provide the necessary information to monitor and to analyze environmental effects of business activities (e.g. Environmental Accounting and Environmental Auditing). The research and transfer network ertemis combines core competencies in the disciplines of information systems, business administration, environmental management, ecology, economics and computer science for the realization of joint international research projects:

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The ecological consequences of „digital life“

The VolkswagenStiftung and the Ministry of Education and Culture of Lower Saxony support a new research project at the Universities of Osnabrück, Oldenburg and Lüneburg. How can different actors, such as companies, consumers, citizens, associations and legislators, be actively involved in the development of a sustainable consumption of information and communication technologies? This is only one of the questions that will be addressed by the new research project involving the corporate network ERTEMIS.

Final Report

During 43 months 31 employees from 4 research groups as well as 6 partners were committed to the Project “Next Generation Corporate Environmental Management Information System (CEMIS) for Environmental, Energy and Resource Management”.