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Montag, den 01. September 2014 um 14:44 Uhr

During 43 months 31 employees from 4 research groups as well as 6 partners were committed to the Project “Next Generation Corporate Environmental Management Information System (CEMIS) for Environmental, Energy and Resource Management”.

This project, which has been funded by the European Regional Development Fund with 2.1 million euros, will end at October 31, 2014. The final report of the IT-for-Green project shows impressively the potential of a CEMIS adopted to current needs of companies, by giving examples. The examples cover lifecycle of products from input (measuring energy efficiency of the ICT used) to transformation (logistics and product development) as well as to output (corporate communication via sustainability reports and stakeholder dialogue) by a service-oriented prototypical implementation.

The reader of the report gets an orientation at hand how CEMIS could influence business processes and why they are a key factor for success. An IT-for-Green CEMIS overcomes the goal orientation of only supporting legal compliance and is now influencing also on a strategic and administrative level. Further, the report gives an example how research institutes and companies collaborate in a network and how the IT-for-Green CEMIS can be integrated into the companies’ system landscape.

The final report in german / english.